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Techology Center

1. Introduction

The Technology Center was established in 2002. In 2006, the Technology Center was approved as the Provincial Technology Center by five units together, Shanxi Economic Committee,Shanxi National Tax Bureau etc.

Technology Center includes the Technology Committee, the Expert Committee, Service, Product Development, Quality Control Department and a joint lab with teaching-research-development partners. The equipment is used to conduct experiments in excellent working condition.There is also an medium-scale test site which is able to produce products to the kilogram-level. The company has established good teaching-research-development relationship with many universities,colleges and Technology Research Institutes in China. It insured the research of new products and technological transformation on aspects of talent, technology and information resources.

2. Functions

It uses state of the art technology to manufacture, realize industrialization, set up a system of technological innovation, further improve and enhance the company's technology content, lay the technological foundation to broaden both products and the market. It also helps to realize the social and economic profits for the company.

3. Main achievement

Since the foundation, led by the ideal "to develop a perfect generation of manufacture, reserve, R&D and design", the company, with continious technological results, has developed  the intermediates of Semi-synthetic antibiotics, like Floxacillin, Dicloxacillin, Cloxacillin and Piperacillin, Cefbuperazone and Cefoperazone; Iohexol and Iopamidol Intermediates。 These products show the company's staunch character and market advantages that help it to win the great opportunities time and time again in a atmosphere of the fierce market competition。

5. Information exchange

The company is sincerely commited to building partnerships with companys from home and aboard, to help to realize mutual development.

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